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Abstracts and bios are available below.


 Seol Park 


American landscape(s) AR (2019) is an independent augmented reality (AR) production by Seol Park. It engages the public in viewing museum artefacts overlaid with digital content -text, imagery, audio, and video- visible only through a mobile AR app. Park’s digital compositions augment three iconic 19C paintings by American masters in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection, presented in situ across three galleries in the museum's American Wing. Park’s work addresses themes of migration, cross-cultural dimension, Romanticism, Realism/reality, landscape painting traditions, and digital technology. Park’s composition captures the artist’s impression of America’s national landscape today: a view of the country caught between preserving a Romantic notion of its national identity while embracing multiculturalism. The AR collage imagery of present-day American challenges adds dimension to these "quintessentially American" views, resembling the way immigrants come to America and build upon the country's foundations. The work’s methodology proposes an in-museum AR experience that 1) presents interdisciplinary content while leaving zero physical footprint, 2) directs traffic to less-popular historical galleries in particular, 3) deepens the public’s interaction with on-site content, in contrast to existing methodologies in which engagement between visitors and museum exhibits remains largely passive.

SEOL PARK is an artist and cultural producer exploring society's evolving relationship with technology, with particular interest in mobile interaction. She has been quoted in Interaction Design journals, presented augmented reality art internationally, won Special Project Commission from the 2018 Lorne Sculpture Biennale, and has worked with INTEL, Microsoft and other companies in art collaboration advisory capacities. Park earned a BA in Interaction Design in Seoul, Korea, and moved to the U.S. in 2006 to join the San Francisco headquarters of a leading design firm Landor. She furthered her studies in art history and material culture through her MA degree studies at Sotheby’s Institute New York and has since established her studio practice in NYC.

American Landscapes


 Kiron Robinson 

If you want my mind you can take my pain as well (the crawling man project) is a 3D modelled version of the artist crawling through a grey Cartesian plane. This facsimile is programmed to crawl for 38 years, after which he will die. Artificial Intelligence predicts that the artist will live for 38 more years and then I die. Fuck you AI, he says. Two can play at that game. The modelled version of the artist is his digital familiar. It exists to take his pain, humiliation and suffering and hopefully die in his stead. If you want … speculates upon relationships between time and life. At this point in the artist’s life, he is interested in humiliation. If he can claim it, he might avoid it.


KIRON ROBINSON is a practising visual artist and Lecturer in Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, based in the Photography studio. Robinson utilises a range of material strategies to interrogate doubt, faith and belief capabilities as constructive devices.  He believes in working in groups as long as you know who is in charge, repeating yourself again and again and again and has a passing interest in scout halls.

Crawling Man


 Scotty So 

Scarlett on display explores relationships between authenticity and authority through a series of “culture-jamming” incursions into the world of Wikipedia using a performative drag persona. Significantly, after the artist reverse-image searched some of these incursions, he discovered that some images were being used uncritically by international news agencies and scholars.   

SO web.jpg

SCOTTY SO works across media, using painting, photography, site-responsive installation, video and performance to explore the often-contradictory relationship between humour and sincerity within lived experience. Born and raised in Hong Kong, So graduated BFA Honours at the Victorian College of the Arts with First Class Honours in Melbourne, Australia, 2019. So’s work has been displayed in two solo and several group shows, including exhibitions in Hong Kong, Greater China and Australia. 

Scarlett on Display

 CHAIR | Cate Consandine 

CATE CONSANDINE works across a wide range of formal and discursive practices, including sculpture and spatial practice, video and performance. Her research interrogates the body in the Australian landscape, and its condition in relation to the physiological and psychoanalytic elaborations of space and its emotion. Consandine has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1999 and is currently represented by Sarah Scout in Melbourne. She received a PhD from Monash University in 2015 and is currently Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of the Honours Program in VCA Art at Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.

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